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Ontario Canada Fishing Licenses and Regulations

for Lake Wabatongushi
and Northeastern Ontario

Ontario Fishing Licenses

Non-Resident License - For people over 17 years of age who wish to angle in Ontario and do not live in Ontario. Children under 18 years can fish without a license if they are with a licensed individual however they can not claim a limit of fish unless they have a valid license.

Resident License-For people 18 to 65 who wish to angle in Ontario and are residents of Ontario. Residents of Ontario who are under 18 or over 65 can fish without a license and can claim a limit of fish. Residents 18-65 must also possess an outdoors card.

Conservation License - The conservation license was introduced in 1993 to conserve high quality fishing by rewarding Catch & Release. It costs significantly less than a regular license, yet allows you to catch the fish, eat fish during your stay and, if you wish, take a few fish home. The conservation license allows a smaller possession limit of each species than the regular license.

Regular License - Allows possession of a full limit of each species.

Approximate US equivalent based on $1.ºº US = $1.ºº Canadian
Non-Resident License (2009) Fish Limits

8-day Conservation

8-day Regular

Season Conservation

Season Regular





2 Walleye

4 Walleye

2 Walleye

4 Walleye

2 Northern Pike

6 Northern Pike

2 Northern Pike

6 Northern Pike

Resident License (2009) Fish Limits

Season Conservation &
Outdoors Card

Season Regular &
Outdoors Card



2 Walleye

4 Walleye

2 Northern Pike

6 Northern Pike

Ontario Fishing Regulations

Possession Limits - It is illegal to accumulate more than a limit of any species of fish. It is also not legal for an angler to keep more than their limit in a single day (catch a limit, eat them and catch another limit).
This means you can not have more than a limit of each species at any time. Once you reach your limit you must stop fishing for that species. All fish in your possession are counted toward your limit including fish packaged to go home, fish on the stringer and fish ready to cook.

Size Limits - On Lake Wabatongushi, and almost all of Northern Ontario, each licenced person can possess 1 Walleye over 46 cm (18.1") as part of their total Walleye possession limit.
For Northern Pike, each person with a regular license person is allowed to possess 2 Pike over 61 cm (24") as part of their possession limit. Only one of the Northern Pike can be over 86 cm (34"). Each person with a conservation license is allowed to possess 1 Pike over 61 cm (24") but under 86 cm (34") as part of their possession limit
All Walleyes released over 15" and all Northern Pike released over 24" are eligible for entry in our Catch and Release program. Please remember, the larger the fish, the more likely it is to be a spawning female. Releasing large fish increases both the number young fish and increases size in the genetic pool.

Fish Sanctuaries - Dibben Bay, is closed to fishing from March 15 to June 15. The narrows or half way portion of Lake Wabatongushi, approximately 2 miles or 3 km below the bottom of the map, is closed to fishing all year.

Fish Limits & Sizes

All limits are possession limits per licensed fisherman. Unlicensed children may fish on their parents or guardians license and the fish the children catch is counted against the parent or guardians possession limit. Each person is allowed to fish with only one pole at a time.


 *Conservation License

 Regular License
Northern Pike



Regular License-Only 2 Pike allowed in possesion limit over 61 cm (24") of which 1 may be over 86 cm (34")

Conservation License-Only 1 Pike allowed in possesion limit over 61 cm (24") but none over 86 cm (34")



Only one Walleye over 46 cm (18.1")

*The conservation license was introduced in 1993 to conserve high quality fishing by rewarding Catch & Release, in 2002 new size limits were introduced, across Eastern Ontario, for the same reason. It is half the cost of a regular license, yet allows you to catch the fish you want, eat fish during your stay and take a couple fish home with you.

We have Ontario Fishing Licenses available for our guests at our resort. You can send us the information for your fishing licenses prior to you arrival so they can be ready as soon as you arrive. The form is on our website: CLICK HERE.

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